Teayan Bouquets Collection

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Herbal tea

The Teayan Gift Collection Bouquet is a set of herbal tea bundles offered by Teayan, a brand that specializes in creating unique herbal tea blends based on traditional Armenian teas. The collection consists of five different herbal tea blends, each with its own combination of herbs, fruits, and spices. These blends are designed to provide a diverse range of tastes and aromas that aim to create a harmonious and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

A special blend harvested in the wilderness of the Armenian highlands at 2000 meters above sea level. This tea is all about quality and essential oils, making it truly unique.

The fruits and spices add special brightness to our collections creating an extraordinary symphony of tastes and aromas. We create natural taste in each handcrafted infuser. Teayan is natural, without artificial additives and caffeine.

It will bring you closer to nature, relief stress and fill your soul with harmony.

Quantity: 18 Tea Bags

  1. Regency Bouquet: This blend includes Chamomile, Melissa (lemon balm), Ginger, and Lemon. Chamomile and lemon balm are known for their calming properties, while ginger adds warmth and lemon contributes a citrusy note. 3g x 3 bags
  2. Vesperum Bouquet: This blend consists of Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Anise. Peppermint offers a refreshing and cooling flavor, while cinnamon and anise contribute spice and sweetness. 4g x 3 bags
  3. Inspiration Bouquet: Tilia (linden flower), Rose, and Vanilla are combined in this blend. Tilia is known for its soothing qualities, while rose and vanilla provide floral and sweet notes. 3.5g x 3 bags
  4. Warming Bouquet: Sea Buckthorn, Orange Peel, and Peppermint are the components of this blend. Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamin C, while orange peel and peppermint create a balanced and invigorating flavor. 5g x 3 bags
  5. Harmony Bouquet: Thyme, Strawberry, Ziziphora (ziziphus), and Stevia are featured in this blend. Thyme offers potential respiratory support, strawberry adds a fruity touch, and ziziphora and stevia contribute unique flavors. 5g x 3 bags

Additionally, the collection includes three random teabags, which could provide further variety and surprise.

TEAYAN is 100% natural.

Caffeine Free.

Without artificial flavors.

Origin: Armenia