Teayan Inspiration Bouquet

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Herbal Tea

Discover the magic of Inspiration Bouquet Herbal Tea, a special blend harvested in the wilderness of the Armenian highlands at 2000 meters above sea level. This tea is all about quality and essential oils, making it truly unique.

Each sip is a symphony of nature's finest elements.

Inspirational Bouquet is made of the spectacular aromatic flowers of Tilia from Armenian highlands, rose petals and natural vanilla pods.

The combination of Tilia (linden or lime flower), vanilla, and rose offers a balance of calming, sweet, and floral notes that could create a pleasant and aromatic tea experience.

How to prepare:

Preparation becomes a ritual, a moment of reverence for nature's bounty.

Good to know

Herbal teas should be brewed with water at a temperature of 95–98°C (leave the water in the kettle for a short time until it stops boiling). For the perfect cup, let steep for 5 – 7 min.

For the optimal infusion, use 1 herbal tea bag for every 300 to 500 ml of hot water. This ratio guarantees a balanced and full-bodied cup of herbal tea.


Tilia / Rose / Vanilla

10 tea bags x 3.5g

Benefits of each component:

  1. Tilia (Linden or Lime Flower): Tilia flowers are often used for their potential relaxation and calming effects. They can have a slightly sweet and herbal flavor, which could pair well with the other ingredients in the blend.
  2. Vanilla: Vanilla adds a warm and creamy sweetness to the tea. It can enhance the overall flavor profile and provide a comforting aroma.
  3. Rose: Rose petals contribute a delicate floral aroma and flavor. Roses are often associated with relaxation and beauty, and they can add a touch of elegance to the blend.

Unravel the Box of Luxury:

Each box houses not just 10 infusion bags of herbal tea, but a portal to a world where mountains meet melodies and petals whisper ancient secrets. A world where you're not just a consumer, but a connoisseur of nature's finest.

In special transparent TEAYAN tea bags, each petal is visible, which makes the tea ceremony enjoyable and comfortable both at home and at work.

TEAYAN is 100% natural.

Caffeine Free.

Without artificial flavors.