Teayan Wild Mint

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Herbal Tea

Discover the magic of Wild Mint Herbal Tea, a special blend harvested in the wilderness of the Armenian highlands at 2000 meters above sea level. This tea is all about quality and essential oils, making it truly unique.

Each sip is a symphony of nature's finest elements.

Wild Mint is made of the spectacular aromatic mint from Armenian highlands.

How to prepare:

Preparation becomes a ritual, a moment of reverence for nature's bounty.

Good to know

Herbal teas should be brewed with water at a temperature of 95–98°C (leave the water in the kettle for a short time until it stops boiling). For the perfect cup, let steep for 5 – 7 min.

For the optimal infusion, use 1 herbal tea bag or 1 tbs of tea for every 300 to 500 ml of hot water. This ratio guarantees a balanced and full-bodied cup of herbal tea.


If you have loose ingredients for making herbal tea (such as loose leaves, flowers, or herbs) and you don't have tea bags, you can still easily brew a flavorful and aromatic cup of tea using a few simple methods. Here are a couple of common methods to prepare loose herbal tea:

1. Infuser or strainer method:


- Loose herbal tea ingredients (mint, ziziphora, rose, cowslip, etc.)

- Teapot, teacup, or mug

- Tea infuser or strainer


1. Boil water to the appropriate temperature for the herbal tea you're using (e.g., around 95-98°C for most herbal teas).

2. Place the loose herbal tea ingredients into a tea infuser or tea strainer. The amount you use will depend on your personal taste preferences and the strength of flavor you desire.

3. Put the infuser or strainer into your teapot, teacup, or mug.

4. Pour the hot water over the tea infuser or strainer.

5. Allow the tea to steep for the recommended time (usually 5-7 minutes for herbal teas, but this can vary based on the specific ingredients).

6. Remove the infuser or strainer from the tea to stop the steeping process.

7. Enjoy your freshly brewed herbal tea!

2. Teapot or direct infusion method:


- Loose herbal tea ingredients

- Teapot or kettle

- Tea strainer or fine mesh sieve

- Teacup or mug


1. Boil water to the appropriate temperature for your herbal tea.

2. Place the loose herbal tea ingredients directly into the teapot.

3. Pour the hot water into the teapot over the tea ingredients.

4. Allow the tea to steep for the recommended time.

5. Place a tea strainer or fine mesh sieve over your teacup or mug and carefully pour the brewed tea through it to catch the loose ingredients.

6. Discard the strained tea ingredients and enjoy your freshly brewed herbal tea!

Remember that the steeping time, water temperature, and the amount of loose ingredients you use can affect the flavor and strength of the tea. Feel free to adjust these factors according to your preferences. Experimenting with different combinations and proportions of the herbal ingredients can help you discover the perfect cup of tea for your taste.


Wild Mint

1 box contains: 30 g herbal tea, 5 infusion bags

Benefits of each component:

  1. Wild Mint: Ziziphora, commonly known as wild mint or mountain mint, is closely related to common mint and shares many of its potential benefits. It's also known for its aromatic and cooling properties, which can contribute to digestive comfort and relaxation. Mint tea is also often used for its potential to relieve congestion and support respiratory health.

Wild mint has been used for its potential health benefits and can have positive effects on both skin health and overall well-being.

Wild mint herbal tea offers a soothing and aromatic experience. It's a great choice for relaxation, digestion, and refreshing hydration.

Unravel the Box of Luxury:

Each box houses not just 30 grams of herbal tea, but a portal to a world where mountains meet melodies and petals whisper ancient secrets. A world where you're not just a consumer, but a connoisseur of nature's finest.

TEAYAN is 100% natural.

Caffeine Free.

Without artificial flavors.